Gentle Persuasive Approaches


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Are you caring for someone living with dementia? Do you lead a multidisciplinary team who support those living with dementia? Do you want to better understand the challenges of Alzheimer’s and how it can affect a someone? Do you want to learn ways you can better care for someone with the disease?

Advanced Gerontological Education’s Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) workshop, delivered by SafeCare BC, is designed for all point-of-care staff across the healthcare sector. The session is evidence-based, interactive, and practical. This one-day course will give you:

  • An introduction to dementia and person-centred care
  • An overview of the relationship between the disease process and a person’s behavioral response
  • The tools necessary to apply emotional, environmental, and interpersonal communication strategies to prevent and diffuse responsive behaviors
  • Suitable and respectful protective techniques to use in situations of risk

The curriculum is delivered by GPA certified coaches who have up to date credentials to maintain this certification.  

GPA is designed for staff and students of all disciplines working with seniors. To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Potential or current job role includes interaction with persons with dementia, or proof of registration for course completion in a health–related field
  • 18 years of age or older

To learn how you can better understand the effects of dementia to improve the quality of care you provide, then register for the Gentle Persuasive Approaches workshop today! 

  • Q: How long is this workshop?
    A: This is an 8-hour, instructor-led workshop.
  • Q: How do I request a private workshop?
    A: Email with the following information: 1) the requested workshop, 2) how many potential participants and, 3) three potential workshop dates (ideally 4-6 weeks out from the request date).