Beyond the Basics: OHS Committee Part Two

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Beyond the Basics aims to support JOHS committee members that have already completed their mandatory 8-hour training. This course will benefit all committee members that are keen to bridge the gap between what they learned in their mandatory training and the practical application of enacting their responsibilities within their organization.

By completing the workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Classify the difference between hazards and risks.
  • Explain how and why incidents occur.
  • Recognize existing or potential hazards.
  • Evaluate risks of hazards.
  • Develop controls to prevent incidents from occurring.
  • Conduct a thorough inspection.
  • Perform an investigation using the five why's model.
  • Review a series of controls for effectiveness and improvements.

Beyond the Basics is an 8-hour instructor-led workshop that is tailored to meet the educational needs of our members with scenarios, resources, and tools that can be applied right away in their workplaces. 

  • Q: How long is this workshop?
    A: This is an 8-hour, instructor-led workshop.
  • Q: Who should attend this workshop?
    A: This workshop is designed for OH&S Committee Members, Managers and Worker Representatives.