Care and Connection on the Dementia Journey


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In a commitment to make dementia education more accessible, SafeCare BC has partnered with the Alzheimer Society of BC to create Care and Connection on the Dementia Journey.

There can be many barriers to accessing dementia education, including cost, travel, or being away from work for a full day. We don’t want barriers to stop people from learning, so this course can be completed on one’s schedule from anywhere. Everyone who takes this course will walk away knowing more about person-centred care and how to apply it when working with people living with dementia  

A person-centred care model provides the best quality of care for people living with dementia. This course introduces learners to: 

  • Person-centred care and why it is effective. 
  • Dementia and how it affects communication and behaviour. 
  • Building successful relationships with families. 
  • How managers can debrief this education with their staff and apply person-centred care practices to their organization. 
  • Q: How long will this course take to complete?
    A: The average time to complete this course is approximately 2 hours.
  • Q: Who is this course intended for?