Supporting Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia


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The two modules that are being covered in these workshops are part of the curriculum, Dementia Capable Care of Adults with Intellectual Disability and Dementia; an evidence-based, nationally acclaimed training program created by the US NTG that has been modified by the NTG Canadian Consortium for the Canadian context. Both of the modules below will be covered in each session. 

Module 1: Introduction to Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia

This module includes distinguishing between intellectual disability and dementia; dementia for people with ID and symptoms; the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease for people with Down Syndrome; the diagnostic challenges for people with ID; tools and information on tracking and support required for proper diagnosis; and common characteristics in dementia stage progression.

Module 2: The NTG Early Detection Screen for Dementia (NTG-EDSD)

This module identifies the purpose of a screening tool and of early recognition; the importance of early screening, regular tracking, and establishing a baseline; how NTG-EDSD should be used, by whom, and how to evaluate the NTG-EDSD findings; what to do with the information after completing the tool; and diagnostic barriers.

  • Q: How long is this workshop?
    A: This is a 4-hour, instructor-led workshop.
  • Q: How do I request a private workshop?
    A: Email with the following information: 1) the requested workshop, 2) how many potential participants and, 3) three potential workshop dates (ideally 4-6 weeks out from the request date).