Safe Handling

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This workshop is being offered by request only. 

If you would like to book this workshop for your organization, please complete our Request a Workshop form.

Are you a continuing care worker, but don’t know the safest practices when it comes to handling the persons receiving care? Are you aware of the most current safe handling methods? Do you have the proper knowledge and tools to keep yourself safe and free from injury while providing care? Do you want your staff to have the most current practices related to safe handling?

Musculoskeletal injuries are the leading type of injury for continuing care workers. These types of injuries are frequently caused by overexertion, whether that be from sustained or awkward posture, pushing and/or pulling of equipment, or during resident care.

We can help reduce your risk of injury while at work!

SafeCare BC’s Safe Handling course was specifically designed for continuing care workers and will provide participants with the leading practices to prevent injuries from overexertion while providing care. 

Those who would benefit most from the Safe Handling program are:

Care providers who provide direct care,
Supervisors who work with those providing direct care and who would like to understand what safe work practices look like,
Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee members who want to learn more about current and leading practices in safe handling.
If you want to stay safe at work and prevent common injuries, register for the Safe Handling course today!

Please note: You must complete the self-paced, online modules before your instructor-led session.


  • Q: How long is this workshop?
    A: This is a mixed-delivery workshop which means that participants must complete four hours of online education followed by a 4-hour instructor-led session.
  • Q: What do I have to do before attending my instructor-led session?
    A: You must complete your online modules before attending your instructor-led session.
  • Q: How do I request a private workshop?
    A: Email with the following information: 1) the requested workshop, 2) how many potential participants and, 3) three potential workshop dates (ideally 4-6 weeks out from the request date).