Skills to Engage and Support People


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Working with people, you are bound to end up in conversations where someone is having difficulty making a decision. It is important to have the skills to help you support people through changes, whether it is a resident or client, family member, or someone you work with. This workshop will help you have conversations with respect and curiosity that make others feel heard, supported, and valued by using the fundamentals of Motivational Interviewing.

Learners can expect to learn about:

  • Discuss the communication process.
  • Explain the impact of body language.
  • Describe the Spirit of MI and discuss ways to express it.
  • Demonstrate partnership and autonomy supportive statements.
  • Discuss three styles for helping interactions: directing, guiding, and following.
  • Discuss ways to be present in an interaction.
  • Discuss the role of listening in communication.
  • Demonstrate open-ended questions
  • Demonstrate forming simple and complex reflections
  • Demonstrate ask-offer-ask
  • Demonstrate using BRAIN worksheet to support informed decision-making
  • Discuss how new skills and knowledge will apply to practice.

This is an interactive 8-hour workshop designed for learners who want to consider practical applications for their work.

  • Q: How long is this workshop?
    A: This is an 8-hour, instructor-led workshop
  • Q: Who should attend this workshop?
    A: Managers and leaders who want to improve their ability to have difficult conversations with the people around them.