Safety and Support: Responding to Critical Incidents in the Workplace

SKU#: 0401WESS

Designed for leaders and managers, the course uses case studies and interactive discussions so you will:

  • Be able to better manage and understand trauma responses and reactions in the workplace.
  • Know when to call in your provider to assist in a debrief.
  • Learn how you can use supportive conversations and resources to support your employees who may be struggling.

Some of the topic areas covered include:

  • What a traumatic event is.
  • What critical incident debriefing is.
  • Why a debrief process may be helpful to staff.
  • What factors to consider when calling in a provider to facilitate a debrief.
  • How to inform your staff of a critical debriefing.
  • How to Assess your own personal triggers.
  • The skills leaders can employ and pay attention to when communicating with staff (nonverbal communication, tone, language used and listening).
  • The common reactions and responses to trauma (physical, emotional and changes at work).
  • Immediate reactions and long-term reactions—what to observe and how you can help.

All registrants will receive access to a resource that provides more information on this topic as well as a recording of this workshop, for up to 6 months.